A pouting girl

When I’m feeling a let-down I don’t find myself thinking people are booger heads. I feel disappointed but there’s no name calling. But when I’m reacting, the offender becomes a super booger head times infinity. And I take the hurt inward. I make it personal. I become unworthy. I become less than. And my bottom lip sticks waaaay out.

Then I get mad because mad is a great way to protect yourself from hurt. Blaming is good protection too. So I do some blaming. Eventually I go to “I’ll show them.” I’ll get really popular and everyone will jump over themselves to be nice to me. I’ll show that booger head. Sadly this thinking shows me I think what I am right now is not good enough and I have to be something more to be worthy.

But worth is a birthright. I am no worse — or better — than the people who upset me. They come in and leave this world with nothing, just like me.
So, namaste booger head.