Everyone needs help. Sometimes even the most qualified people have to ask for help. My husband and I were discussing Monday’s blog post this morning and he brought up Henry Ford, of model T fame. Henry did not object to asking for qualified help.


Ford surrounded himself with experts who could help him realize his vision. The president of the United States has a team of trusted (we hope) advisors. Isn’t it strange then to think that we expect ourselves to succeed in isolation?

747px-Ford_Modell-T_side_20020707It’s time to ask the question…What kind of expert support do you need to create your greatest work? A team of nannies, private chef, personal trainer plus massage therapist? You can work up to a fully staffed estate, but for now what type of help would be useful to you to bring your immediate dream or project forward? Here’s what would be useful to me at the moment. I need a professional proofreader and editor. I also need a Brand consultant, a marketing advisor, a virtual assistant (… and gourmet chef). It should be noted that not all expert support comes in the form of human powered resources.


Now I realize that all of us don’t have a self-leveling checking account, so how do we go about getting extra help we need on a limited or nonexistent budget? Good question. Answer…Ingenuity!


With my present budget, I have gotten the support I need to create and develop the work that matters the most to me. First, I wanted to address issue the of difficulty I have been simply composing my text. HA!! Like now !! So, I invested in Dragon Natural Speak, a speech to text software. I can now dictate my thoughts and compose blog posts with my voice alone. However, just like hiring a new employee, there is a learning curve involved in perfecting the use of this tool. For example, here is my first attempts at having Dragon turn my speech to text.


Everyone to know a groggy and glitchy drinking

heads up that

perhaps it’s time to pontificate

in a pen of a reality reality check

so pass the thought

that storm clouds are gathering



Another tool I’m using to assist in my composition is something called GhostReader. This will turn my speech to text back to text-to-speech without my fingers ever touching the keyboard… simply amazing! I love it! There are also a number of methods I am using to proof read and edit my writing .My husband is the nearest and sometime most willing person to look over my work. But asking him comes with complications and limitations. I find I am more emotional about the critique when he’s reading my words. Secondly, I have several friends who actually like editing and are very good at doing it. Obviously this comes with its own set of concerns. I’m sensitive to not wanting to impose on my friendships with too many requests.


I have done some bartering and paid for a small amount of professional editing as well. Personally, I think the best case scenario is to have the funds available for expert editing services. In the meantime, I have had good degree of success using people on fiverr.com to correct small pieces of writing (Fiverr is a place for people to share things they’re willing to do for $5). I think there are many innovative and inexpensive ways to get your needs met. First, you have to identify the want and then create a way to get that want met.


A little child who sees a cookie on the countertop doesn’t say that cookie is too far away to reach. No, that child immediately strategize about how to get that cookie in their mouth. They will find the tools i.e. chairs, phonebooks, the plan holder from outside to be able to climb to the cookie. Or they will enlist expert help, mother older brother next door neighbor to bring a cookie into reach. Go get your cookie!


What kind of experts or professional tools would you like at your disposal to help you push your projects forward?