Good job, you set some goals for yourself this year. You have projects you intend to do and weight you expect to lose. You’ve decided to be happier and healthier too. In one part of your mind you have confidence that this is the year for you, but in another part, one that’s getting harder to ignore by the day you are quietly concerned that you’ll disappoint yourself. Again.

It’s the third week of the year and your enthusiasm is already starting to wane. 


You need new strategies.


The BIG Goal Creation Workshop is your chance to turn up the volume on the confident part of your brain while learning practical and effective ways to dampen the other part that could get in your way.

Here are the details for this action filled 1 hour workshop:
By the end of the workshop you will have…
* applied a technique to identify goals that matter the most to you (these may or may not be the ones you set at the start of the year)
* chosen a goal to create
* set up a road map to know how to get to your chosen destination.
* learned new strategies to insure success on your quest <–A ProNagger specialty 

What you’ll (ideally) need to attend and participate fully in this workshop:
*the ability to call into a conference call number
*an internet connection and the ability to go to websites while on the call
*a means to do written exercises during the workshop
*a facebook account

My clients dream big dreams and make those dreams come true. They have become doctors, moved to new countries, made documentaries, written books, gone from pack rat to minimalist, went on trips of a lifetime (which, in one case, included overcoming the fear of flying to board a plane for an 14 hour flight). What are your big dreams? Find them if you don’t know what they are, or dare to bring them to this workshop if you do!

“I honestly cannot express how much you’ve done for me. Whenever I tell anyone about your service, the first thing I say is, ‘This woman changed my life.’ ” -Vanya

“Look at what Rachel does: The one thing that turns failure into success, and stops people from hating themselves for letting their dreams slip out of their grasp. She’s the smartest, kindest, funniest but no-fooling-around ‘school teacher ominously slapping a ruler onto her palm’ in the whole world. Success depends on support and accountability, not attitude. Well, Rachel is Support and Accountability, and I don’t know anyone who doesn’t need what she offers!”

– New York Times Bestselling Author, Barbara Sher

Workshop times and dates:

Tuesday January 24th at 1:00PM ET

Last chance to attend the pre-launch version for free, before the teleclass price goes up to $47