The entrance to an emergency room••• click on the title “Have to. Need to. Must do poo poo” to gain access to the “listen to post button” if you are not seeing it above this sentence.

Hi. What do you have to do today? What really needs to get done? What must-do items are sitting on your list today? I hope you answered “nothing!”

I hope you said nothing because there is little in life, thankfully, that you actually need to, have to or must do. There are a few primary “needs” but after that, everything else is an elective. [is elective the word I want?] [ write another piece concerning Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and how it breaks down against Viktor Frankl’s examples and assertions in Man’s Search for Meaning]

For the most part “have to, need to, and must do’s” can be kept in reserve for emergency situations. If your appendix is about to blow, you must go to a hospital because you need to receive urgent attention. You must get help if your house is on fire. And if you dog is acting seriously out of sorts you have to try and figure out what’s the matter.

If you’re willing to hold these words in reserve for crisis situations you’ll see some cool thing unfold for you. The first thing you will notice is you turn to much more expansive words. Usually you reach for “I want.” What can be better than wanting something? No one is making you do a thing. And you don’t have to finish the article but you do want to get it done today. If you want to finish something and you get it done, you own that victory. If you have to finish it and you do, the project is complete because of some external force and you are robbed of personal satisfaction. Which, if repeated over time, will make it harder and harder for you to start and finish a projects.

If you’re someone who puts projects off until the consequences of not completing them is really ugly then you are waiting until you feel like you’re in an urgent situation. This can become chronic condition until you are saying you have to and must do all kinds of crap. Knock it off.

Here’s something else you might not want to see…If you are waiting until someone can take you down a notch if something doesn’t get done then you procrastinate until you’re sure the power is out of your hands. And you’re handing over your power because you don’t think you can do this project good enough. Take back your power now. Own your work. Want to do it. The first thing to do is recognize that even in this late hour it is not an urgent mater. Urgent is a kid choking on a hard candy. He can’t breath. Someone NEEDS TO give him a Heimlich or he will die…that’s urgent. Sitting up all night to prepare for your committee meeting is a pickle you put yourself in.

Do you put yourself in pickles a lot?


Ding. Writing time alarm about to go off. More on this tomorrow.

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