Yes, you’re working toward achieving a goal and yes, you want to enjoy yourself along the way. But there are things you are going to have to do to reach your goal that may not be so fun. Sometimes the fun comes in the completion of a task, or even how you complete it. If you have a competitive side, then beat the clock is for you.

Here are the basics

Start by evaluating how long you think a task will take you to do. Then set your timer for that amount of time and see if you can come in at or before the bell, with a finished task.

Here’s how to add some spice

1. If this is a task you perform often, time yourself once and log the findings. With each consecutive performance see if you can beat your personal best. Share your stats with a friend to add a level of accountability to the mix.

2. Or, Imagine you’re up against Anzhelika Aleksandrov, the 2010-2011 world record holder in mid-term paper grading. Aleksandrov of Moscow State Physics-Technical Institute broke the 20 min barrier, by completing 5.5 papers (with comments) in 19:45 minutes. It’s between you and the Russian. Who’s taking home the gold?

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