Maybe pleasure, just like pain, is part muscle memory. If you have been under a lot of stress recently you may have forgotten how to enjoy the little things  you used to like doing. The good news is you can remember things you used to liked doing even if you can’t remember the last time you actually did them.

Do a test.

1) Think of somethings you used to like doing before life got so hairy.

2) Pick one thing you can do, in some manner, for 5 minutes TODAY.

3)… Do it for those 5 minutes today.

If you want to report back on ProNagger publicly or privately I would love to hear from you.

“Wait Rachel, I used to love to tango in fancy dresses and  sexy high heals, how can I do that for 5 minutes?”

5 minutes is plenty of times to get those shoes on and tango in the living room with you imaginary dance partner. 5 minutes is also enough time to put on some tango music. Go to if you don’t have any readily available and create a “tango station.”

So, try to go through the motions of doing one of those things you used to like doing.  Your body, and chemistry, will remember pleasure and you might find yourself  feeling better than you expect.  It’s worth trying.

Warning: If you have been grieving in some way the first time you do this exercise you may feel some sadness or melancholy. Be okay with it.  Stick to the 5 minutes and no more for today.