A picture showing the feet of someone running on a treadmill.It’s 6PM. The Y is open until 7. I thought I would walk until closing. I don’t
feel like walking or writing or doing much anything, to be honest. The girl on the
treadmill next to me has clearly been drinking. I can smell it. I sure hope
it was a nice glass of wine, at lunch with friends and not something
troublesome. She’s so young. Makes me value how far I’ve come.

For some my life may look boring but it’s a sober life.  I know now that chaos and problems that “feel” insurmountable in the moment, are never actually insurmountable.

One of the more powerful lessons I’ve learned in sobriety is you don’t have to do it all at once and for that matter, you can’t. You just start with one clean morning, and then string it together with a well lived afternoon until you have one day. One day at a time. And then another.

And when I apply this to my life,  I can write one more word and take one more step and one more and another and all those individual steps add up until…

…It’s 7PM, and I walked for an hour and wrote this little note to you.

What one step are you willing to take right now?