What to do if your to-do list never works for you? – A consult opportunity to work one on one with the Nag! By the end of our conversation you will have a whole new way of approaching your list and better still, personalized tools to actually getting the items done that are on your list. Feel great about your efforts, learn how to make your to-do list work for YOU!

Here’s what you get:

30 minute phone consult with me, Rachel Z Cornell, the ProNagger

Follow-up email for you to test drive your new to-do list know-how

An opportunity to have an one on one bookend with me.

This great opportunity is 37.00. Click here to get started. Soon after ProNagger receives your payment you will receive an email to set-up your one on one, personalized list making consultation.  I can often “see” you the very day you sign-up.

Barter Opportunity: If you have a large internet community, marketing skills or other services you believe ProNagger  would be interested in, please don’t hesitate emailing and proposing a barter.