Here’s a list of action items Carol Leon Zombo of Writing Revolution has been attending to this week. Can you relate to any of these items? Look over her list and read my comments. Do you have any thoughts and/or additional suggestions for Carol?


What Carol Writes:
1. I’d like to check out a new email service
2. write each day for the NaNoWriMo novel-writing challenge
3. resist Halloween candy
4. file my piles
5. vote
6. give comfort to the people whose candidate is going to lose tomorrow (even if we disagree with them, they have their reasons for voting as they do).
7. Plus a bunch of other stuff……


The Nag’s Comments:
1. Check out a new email service.

Pretty cut and dried. You should know when you’ve completed this task. You might want to be clearer about what “check out” means. Does it mean to try the 30-day free trial and email 3 people? Or maybe it means to go to the website of the email service and read about their service? When will you know when this is done?

2. Write each day for the NaNoWriMo.

Yeah! How will you know when you can cross this task off your list each day? Number of words? Any words. Amount of time?

3. Resist Halloween candy.

Is it in the house? You might want to get the candy as far away from your icy meat hooks as you can. This will make it far easier to resist. It’s been a week since we’ve had peanut butter in the house, and interestingly, a week since I’ve eaten my weight in peanut butter (I have issues).

Another option is to implement some kind of If/Then planning. Research suggests that this type of planning greatly increases your chances to achieve your desired outcome. Here’s a kind of twisted example of what I mean: You would say, “If I’m in the kitchen and I am tempted to eat a piece of candy, then I will fly out of the kitchen like there are 1,000 monster cockroaches crawling all over the bag of treats.” Just try to have a piece of candy now!

Avoiding a temptation can be a way to strengthen your impulse control muscle. If you’re itching to build rock-hard willpower, you might want to keep the candy in the house. I say give it to your skinny friend or the neighbor kid.

4. File my pile.

I would put money down that if you’re not more specific about what this means it’s not going to happen. Of course, you may know exactly what this means, and the project is already done.

5. Vote.

Good girl. I can only hope you don’t live in Miami. They are still waiting in line.

6. Give comfort to the people whose candidate is going to lose tomorrow.

We know who you’re consoling now. If you are offering comfort, what form is it taking?

7. Plus a bunch of other stuff……

Ah, yes. When you’re ready to handle that stuff, be sure to spell out what that stuff is, otherwise you risk the sun going down on the day without you wisely spending your precious time.

I’m going to bug, alright I’m going to Nag Carol for an update. Any encouragement or thoughts to help keep her going?