People at a meetingIf you’re like every other person who talks, there are times when nerves or distractions or brain farts keep you from being articulate. According to Susan Cain, author of Quiet, ( introverts are especially prone to having a difficult time speaking off the cuff.

If this sounds familiar, here’s a strategy you can use to cut through the word-tripping babble and quickly course correct. Simply stop and start again. Begin your next sentence with, “What I mean to say is….” Observe how your brain will then line up your words so they come out of your mouth in just the right order to make perfect sense. While I haven’t found any specific science to back this suggestion up yet, I know this priming technique works for me and for my clients who’ve tried it. The next time you feel inarticulate, start over with, “What I mean to say is . . .”

Let me know how it goes.