Welcome to the GOAL POST. A new Monday adventure I think you’re going to like. I’ll explain how you can get in on things at the end of the post.

MY goal is to insure that you achieve YOUR goal. I know accountability dramatically improves the likelihood that you will be motivated to shake your tail feathers. So let’s get you shaking them!
The following people are driven, motivated, powered-up, and juiced to own their week! They have put their names and reputations on the line by publicly announcing their goals. Come Friday I will PUBLICLY review their successes. Don’t let them embarrass themselves. Provide encouragement, and then get ready to put your own butt on the line.
Susan Newman:
My goal is to get 3 email newsletters out this week, for Frogs Are Green, Susan Newman Design Inc and Broadcast Louder!
Mike Michalowicz, author of both The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur and The Pumpkin Plan shared his overall goal. If you don’t know Mike, this ain’t just lip service, I don’t think he has an outsized ego, I think he’s on fire. Even audacious goals happens one action at a time though.
Here is my big ass, balls to the wall, hairy, audacious, massively fat, goal: to be the most impact full business author of this century.

One caveat, at first blush it sounds like I have the BIGGEST EGO in the world (I hope not, but maybe I am blind to it). I just think I have a BIG ASS life purpose that I have
My big sassy goal this week is to have a system in place to contact every professor in the us (that teaches entrepreneurship) with the goal of getting The Pumpkin Plan in their class rooms.
My goal is to get 4 lingering proposals finished and off to their respective recipients. GAH! Did I just commit to that outloud!
Help Mike reach his goal and ask him how many new subscribers he’s gotten this week.
Goal: Add 300 new subscribers to the email list by December 1.
Eden Rudin
This weeks goal – new blog post and ‘In depth Facebook Page Analysis’ offer added to my website w/price increase.
Andrew Kyle McGregor Finish my free ebook on tarot reading by November 15th. This means chasing down the editors and cleaning up the little bits of writing left to be done.
It’s a big week for me and my business – My goal is to to rock the events :
– Storytelling at UR Scare Fair on Halloween
– My first craft show – Mayday Underground on Sat
and to get as far as I can on my Kickstarter, which closes Sat
Leah is saying it’s awesome now, but help me make sure she’s still so happy come Friday. Ask her what those videos are about and how much work is in front of her to reach this goal?
Rachel this is awesome!! My goal for this week is to complete, post, and promote my newest 2-part tutorial video for my website.
My goal is to create a marketing and launch plan for my new information product that everyone is going to LUUUURRRRVVVV.
Draft an article (outline is done, so drafting should not take too long, plus article is limited to 2500 words! short!) *and* draft a book review. Both are due in November.
Get going on NaNoWriMo yet another year, but this time, with determination to FINISH!
Jill Goldman my goal for this week is to contact three eLearning companies to offer my voice-over/narration services.
If you’re on my mailing list, you will get a note from me asking you if you’re ready to join this elite group of fat and sassy goal achievers. Do you have the guts to place your face, name, goal and URL up for all to see? Do you?