A woman working with a personal trainer at the gym

Start your week strong by joining me on ProNagger.com‘s Accountability Chat. Today a great day to re-visit or learn how to use the chat and get support for the actions you take.

The Accountability Chat is a free service on my site where you publicly commit to your next task. Anyone can sign in (with a user name or anonymously) 24/7 and use it. The idea of the chat is for you to do what I call “bookends.”  You log into the Accountability Chat and type Open Bookend: write for 30 min. As soon as you submit your open bookend, you go do your writing.  Once `the timer goes off at the completion of my 30, you return to the chat and write, Close Bookend: writing done. Now you have completed one bookend. Most people will do a number of bookends in a row, breaking tasks down into small bite sized pieces. Patti C. shared that she wrote two of her documentaries by bookending one sentence at a time on the Accountability Chat.

Academics, authors, and entrepreneurs do much of their work alone and don’t have the chance to benefit from the support and encouragement of others. The Accountability Chat solves this problem while also improving productivity in the process.

Pam N., a regular on the chat, says, “…just knowing others are out there pushing through the day also.  It keeps me motivated knowing others are getting a lot done.”

Will I see you on the chat today?