Scroll down to watch a video demonstrating how the chat works.

The Accountability Chat is free for you to use anytime you want. I made it to help you stay focused on one small task at a time and get support while you work. Anyone can sign in (with a username or anonymously) 24/7 and use the service. The idea of the chat is for you to do what I call “bookends.”  You log into the Accountability Chat and type “Open Bookend: write for 30 min”, for example. As soon as you submit your open bookend, you go do your writing.  Once the timer goes off, at the completion of my 30 minutes, you return to the chat and write, “Close Bookend: writing done.” Now you have completed one bookend. Most people will do a number of bookends in a row, breaking tasks down into small bite sized pieces. Patti C. shared that she wrote two of her documentaries by bookending one sentence at a time on the Accountability Chat.

Academics, authors, and entrepreneurs do much of their work alone and don’t have the chance to benefit from the support and encouragement of others. The Accountability Chat solves this problem while also improving productivity and work satisfaction.

Pam N., a regular on the chat, says, “…just knowing others are out there pushing through the day also – It keeps me motivated knowing others are getting a lot done.”


Sandwich each task between check-ins called “bookends.”

This community will hold your feet to the fire and congratulate you once you have taken even the smallest step forward. Keep conversation to a minimum and bookend as much as you want, this chat is for you.

Here’s how it works.

  1. Commit to doing something. Write OPEN BOOKEND: and post the action you’re about to take. For the best results, you should plan to go do your committed activity right after you send your update.
  2. Go do your committed activity. Nothing is too big or too small. Bookends are best when the activity is one step or lasts 5, 10 or no more than 30 minutes. A one step bookend might be “go call my father.” A 10-minute action might be “10 focused minutes on revising the first section of my manuscript.”
  3. Close the bookend. Come back to the chat and let us know you accomplished what you set out to do.
  4. Repeat. Start another bookend.