Screenshot of the accountability chat

Pair a short, well-defined and quantifiable action with positive peer pressure, and you’re practically unstoppable. That’s what Patti, a two-time documentary writer/producer discovered. She’s a regular on my accountability chat, a free 24/7 service on Patti told me, “I finished both my documentaries one sentence at a time on your chat.” People from all over the world stop by to work on and finish their projects one small action at a time.

Here’s how the chat works. You identify a specific task you want to take. Maybe you want to write the first paragraph for a chapter. You “open a bookend” by typing your action into the chat box. As soon as you submit the action, you go do the work. When you’re finished, “close the bookend” by returning to the chat and saying you’re done. There’s usually a person or two in the room, and people are always eager to cheer each other on.