“..shifting my idea of this project from “big, scary, impossible” over to “challenging, curious and something new to learn.”

Hi, thanks for coming and visiting the new site. I know the  dust is so stirred-up in here still that you can feel it in your lungs if you stay too long.

I realized a couple things today.

1. Making this site how I want it, myself, is going to take time.

2. I have turned this into a big, scary, impossible project in my head over the last few days. In so doing, I have AVOIDED the site in the last so many days.

3. I might want to explore shifting my idea of this project from “big, scary, impossible” over to “challenging, curious and something new to learn.”

4. I will need some help


In the dark, a soft, plush, green stuffed lizard can look like a threatening beasts to a child. Well, if we’re in the dark about a project we can turn it into a monster too. Exactly what I’ve done to this site upgrade. So how do I remedy this?


1. Rethink it: What about this project do I like? It might just be that I like the idea of getting it done. If I sat for a while and thought about it, I would realize I’m a person who likes challenges, puzzles, brain teasers that kind of thing. Well, learning how to do this site is kinda like a challenge….I like mental challenges….Night Lite ON!

2. Remain curious: What would happen  if…? I am painfully curious, just ask my husband, I want to understand basketball right now, just cause I wanta understand basketball right now. I’m driving him nuts. “Why was that a foul” Wasn’t that guy traveling, what’s with the all the  mohawks?

If I can apply, and I know I can, that same kind of 2 year old questioning with this project, I’ll have my curiosity sparked and be more engaged and eager to push forward. (Oh and likely drive some people crazy along the way).

3. Be a student: What will I be learning? If I consider what I’m doing as a course in wordpress site building, I’m also more engaged. I love to learn, take classes and study disparate topics. I can easily think of this as an online course and at the end of this semester I’ll have a shine new weblog.

4. Ask the Teacher: What kind of help do I need? Understand there’s a difference between help and rescue. A rescue is for emergencies. Support has a whole other feel to it all together. You know the difference and others do too. Be proactive in learning to help yourself. This does not mean go it alone, it means ask good, thought-out questions and give back somehow, even if it’s with gratitude right now. Be receptive to ways that you can “be a teacher” for someone else.

How about you, what projects are you face (or more specifically avoiding)  that might need a “rethink”?