Meet Loisille.

Don’t let her sleek and sexy exterior seduce you into thinking she’s a bunch of lazy ram. Behind her brushed silver, highly recyclable aluminum exterior, is one serious woman. She is 5.6 pounds (2.54 kg) of solid 4GB of memory. Her addition to my life is no accident and neither is her name. Loisille is a MacBook Pro, and she’s being fully kitted-out for my personal accessibility needs. She is going to help me step up the pace on developing ProNagger and be the electronics behind the completion of my first book.

When it came time to name her (I name things, I just do), I first I thought would name her after the first computer I ever used and one that transformed my life. That computer’s name was Lucille. Lucille was a bubble gum and band aide piece of electronics, built for me from a pile of cast off bits, by a group of generous engineers posing like McGyver wannabes. With that computer, I was able to enlarge the information on the screen, and I could, with some effort, get her to talk. Like B. B. King’s Lucille, my instrument was the voice. And that voice would help me complete my undergraduate studies. Graduating was a promise I would keep for my mother, who passed away a little over a week before I started back on my academic journey.

I decided to name this new, matt-screened electronic piece of lovely, Loisille. My girl’s name is a cross between B. B. King’s Lucille and my mother’s name, Lois. It’s because of my mother that I pursued an education, which culminated in a MFA from the University of Michigan. I also inherited my mother’s deep love for language and the written word. It seems fitting that her name be linked to the instrument poised to help me share my voice and ultimately help others find theirs.