Recent research suggest that slow Baroque music calms the mind and helps    the brain focus and concentrate.  I know it works for me!

When Pandora came along (thank you to Andrew T. For introducing me to Pandora), I thought it would be cool to make a brain station.  So for a while now I’ve been building and enjoying a station on Pandora of the kinds of music that supports focus and concentration.

I’ve shared the station with a lot of my clients, one of them today suggested I offer my “focus station” on my website. Well, here’s my best effort to do just that.

When you click on the words FOCUS STATION below, I believe you will be taken to my Pandora profile. Once you’re there, click on “Chamber, Baroque Period” and if all goes well, you’ll be listening and enjoying great mental focus!

Here goes nothing…


Let’s also give this a try, click HERE and see what happens.


Note: I just learned from @soundhunter on twitter that “due to licensing restrictions” people outside the US can’t listen to Pandora. This is news to me. I’ll be looking into reproducing the station someplace where it can be heard by all. Has a can of web-worms just been opened up?

Update: If you’re in the UK or elsewhere try and start a best of baroque album. Thank you to client Shirley for this!