When a client gets stuck with their writing projects, I often suggest they send me or a friend an email. I just have them write a casual email about what they are trying to say. It is often very effective in getting the client moving again. I took my own advice today and emailed my friend, Patty. Here’s that email in its entirety. I hope this will encourage you to do what it takes to reach your goals.


I’ve got myself stuck. I’m frozen and don’t want to post anything. I think I was able to write on the site before because there wasn’t much to lose. I was just figuring things out, not too many people were looking at what I had to say and what I had to say was still being worked out. Now, the site is almost done being redesigned. I know what I WANT to say, a few more people are noticing it and….I am pretty sure I am no good at this. This being writing. I’m pretty sure I’m no good at writing. I had a really, really nice honeymoon with it but it’s over and as much as I don’t want to, I think I might break up with writing. It’s just too hard. 


It’s like drawing. It’s a lot harder to translate what you see onto paper than you think. When you start you’re just so excited that the ball you drew actually looks round. You don’t care about how to draw the chair the ball is sitting on. YOU drew a ball! When I was first writing I was just so excited to be freed from the burden of hiding my poor spelling that I just had to write. But like the ball drawer who then goes to an art museum I realized how amateur I was. Not only am I an amateur but I’m the equivalent of the person who has to hold the pencil in their mouth to write. It sometimes feels that hard. How badly do I want this? Do I want it badly enough?


This letter to you would be the anti-freeze blog post. The ice breaker. I don’t really know if I should be broadcasting my own struggle or not. I can’t tell if anyone would benefit from reading it. I thought if I did decide to post my own struggle and then made consistent posts it could be motivation for others. It might help them to do the work it takes to get what they want created. This isn’t easy to do but I guess it’s not about easy and doubt may just be along for the whole ride. God, does doubt stick around for the whole ride? I just know I’ll never know if I can become a good writer or offer a useful message unless I get willing to do the work required to find out. I think I want it badly enough.

I find it so much easier to help OTHER PEOPLE find their way through resistance like I am feeling right now. Would you write me a comment on where you’re stuck, if you are? I am sure the advice I offer you will help me, too, and maybe some others just like you and me.”