399px-Seth_Godin_in_2009Marketing and business author Seth Godin coined a new word in a recent blog post about the two people you might need most in your professional life. He referred to these two important people as an “agonist” and a “procrastinatrix.”  Seth says that an agonist might be exactly what you need to provoke your best work, while your own procrastinatrix is “someone whose only job is to hold you accountable for getting it done, now, not later.”

Seth is right that those of us who are serious about “shipping” often need help getting to that point, but I think the term Seth was really looking for was, “Professional Nagger,” a.k.a. “ProNagger.”

While a procrastinatrix might have the kind of name that might be fun to say (it is!) and that evokes a laugh on a t-shirt or business card, it kind of scares me. It scares me not because the name invokes images of leather, whips and chains, and a room full of creative types chewing their fingernails in fear. It scares me because it invokes images of someone standing hands on hips, really not giving a rats-a$$ about shipping, just about pushing you.

The procrastinatrix may be demanding, pushing and forcing the clients towards their goals, but what happens when that whip stops cracking? Sure, things get done, but the procrastinatrix is the one doing all the work. When they’re gone, you’re not only no longer able to keep up the pace, you don’t know where to start.

A ProNagger however, improves your ability to “Get ‘R Done,” so to speak. A Nag teases out the methods you already have within you so you can produce your best work. While you’re working to reach your goals with a ProNagger, you’re also developing critical job skills. You’re learning how to stay on track and to do what you say you’re going to do. By making sure you have strategies in place so you’re able to take action. A procrastinatrix dis-empowers you, or becomes all powerful. A ProNagger empowers you.

What you’re working on shipping is your baby. You want to ship. You’re dreaming of shipping, right? It’s not that you need to be whipped, coerced, or pushed into shipping. You just need to learn how to create a strategy to make something you already WANT to do, actually happen.

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