I’ve gotten a few emails and comments regarding The New Year’s Nag. Since a couple of these questions have come up more than once,  I thought it would be a good idea to answer them publicly.

Q: Nag, What if I only want to do the first part?
A: I would be willing to still work with you if that’s all you want or can do. If you only have the time, funds and/or interest in the first part of the program, the rate would be $50. Do consider trying the support and accountability parts of the program if you can. These two tools keep you going when the excitement of a shiny new goal starts to fade a bit. If you decide that doing the first part of the program works for what you need, let me know and I will invoice you for the services.

Q: Will the price go up to the $67 a month if I have to skip a month?
A: No. As long as you sign-up during the special offer period.

Q: So it’s $87 for the first month, then $57 a month after that? Would it be worthwhile to do just the one month? I don’t have a steady income and know I couldn’t afford monthly payments.
A: It would ABSOLUTELY be worthwhile to sign-up for the first month. It is in the first month where we work together to hone your goal and plot your year. After your first month, I check to see if you’re on target and help you tweak your goal as needed. Each month includes access to the support and accountability tools. These tools can mean the difference on those days when your enthusiasm has waned a bit.

Q: Are the fees automatically taken out of my account each month?
A: Not unless you request it. I have no recurring payments set-up on this service. I will invoice participants on a monthly basis.

Q: I want to do a major decluttering. Is this program good for this?
A: Yes!

Q: Can I call into more than one check-in call a day.
A: Sure.

Feel free to contact me If you have any questions concerning this program or any other ProNagger service.

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