It’s time for another installment of Short Attention Span Sunday. Where we take a break from all the hard work, and goof off, explore, recline, relax, wonder and delight. Let’s roll.

TED me up! Have you been bewildered and beguiled by Reggie Watts yet? You must.

Check out this piece by David Pogue, tech writer for the New York Times. Thanks Kay Vreeland, for knowing I would find this interesting.

I’ve never seen PVC pipe do this! Amazing. He “did it for the beaches.”

5 people. 1 guitar. Very cool.
Did you get distracted this week? Did your distractions lead you to discover a strange or cool video, article or website? Let me know what you have stumbled upon and I’ll include your find in a future installment of Short Attention Span Sunday (SASS).