Welcome to this Sunday’s installment of SASS. It’s time to put your feet down on the hard-packed soil and come to a complete stop, Fred Flintstone style.

Speaking of the Flintstones and early humans…
…Did you know that Mesoamericans around 1500 BCE may have been the first peoples to participate in team sports? It appears that these pre-Columbian folks of Ancient Mexico and Central America played ball.

Speaking of team sports….
…Did you know after the 2012 Summer Olympics in London there’s another big deal sporting event that will happen there? That’s right, on August 29th the Paralympic Summer Games begin! An equally competitive, global event for athletes with physical disabilities.

Speaking of physical disabilities…..
…Are you following Christine Ha? She’s a contestant on the reality television show MasterChef. Christine is the first blind chef on one of these programs and as of this writing she’s still in the running.

Speaking of food….
…Have you considered a paleolithic diet? I’m reading The Paleo Solution: The Original Human Diet by Robb Wolf right now. Nowhere has he suggested I dig into a Bronto-burger or a brontosaurus steak, two mainstays of the Flintstones.

….And that’s a wrap. What’s distracting you?
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