4 pillars in a garden

I created a challenge for myself. How well can I explain the tenets of Professional Nagging in 500 words or less.

Coming in at 496 words –

The Four Tenets of Nagging: Love, Process, Ingredients, and The Carnival of Noise.


I make no apologies. Love is where I start. I think all people are good. People can do seriously stinky, destructive, and even horrific things. However, those things—even the most heinous of them—are behavior-based. The person is good; the behavior stinks. If any part of you is actually perfect, it is your soul. If you think I’m soft in the head for starting from the premise of “all people are good,” I do recognize that there is a small percentage of individuals who suffer from specific types of mental illness which even treatment cannot help. They require care so they cannot harm themselves and others. Are they bad? I don’t think so. Do I want to meet one in a dark alley alone? Not on your life.

I start with love. I keep my eye on the you below the surface of the noise of the day, the storms of emotions, and the excuses you rally for. I come from a place of loving you and wanting to help the core of your best self come forward. So yes, I DO start with love.


Specifically, the creative process. Humans have two evolutionary advantages which have kept us around for some 200,000 years. We can throw things and we have imagination. We can take a thought and turn it into a something—the creative process in a nutshell. I focus on guiding you through the whole life cycle of a project. Because I love you, I already know you can create what you want. My only job is to help guide you to where you want to go. I do that by helping you break big tasks into smaller ones and holding you accountable for staying on task.


Ingredients represent everything you bring to the table. We begin with your ingredients as we understand them right now, but with the knowledge that your larder usually grows as you grow. Ingredients include temperament, signature strengths, natural rhythms, motivational and learning styles, tendencies, introverted or extroverted needs, and even what you consider weaknesses. Everything you already possess (or are willing to create for yourself) can be used to create what you imagine and be loved and supported while doing so.

The Carnival of Noise

We all have the Carnival of Noise marching through our days, always bearing the potential to distract us from what we truly want. A steady parade of confusion, sadness, boredom, business, and cat videos. Fear. Dopey, sleepy, grumpy, shiny, and PMSy. Excuses, uncertainty, loathing, and blaming are all there. It’s a great carnival of humanness. I love you and I know what you want to create. I also know you can do it, because I see you have all the ingredients you need to get there. I keep a close eye on your carnival and help you take actions in the ever-changing landscape of emotions and challenges.