I fell in the bathtub recently. I know, I know, I’m one fractured hip away from being an old lady. I cracked up my ribs and man does that hurt. But I’m glad it happened. I’m happy because the experience taught me 3 big lessons.

1. It’s not a good idea to put cleaning gunk in your tub and leave it, go for a hike with your husband, come home slathered in bug spray and HOP into the shower to rinse off. You will go down like a sack of potatoes, crack your ribs, and hope no one tells a good joke for two months (laughing really hurts…and that’s just wrong).

2. The day I took the butt dive to the tub floor I drew in a shallow breath (I would have gone for a deep one here, but that was out of the question), and I vowed to stop rehearsing doom scenarios in my head! Most of the time, I just don’t see stuff coming. Not for the people and animals I love and not for myself. I was on my backside before I knew I wasn’t standing up.

I’m not saying not to learn things like stop, drop and roll, or stop collecting items for an earthquake kit. I’m talking about the joy- robbing noise that goes on in my head. It’s a sickness.

Here’s what I mean; I feel a thrill in my heart when my sweet 17- year-old dog gets a little skip in his step and then BOOM….DOOM…”He’s going die soon, this might be the last time he plays like this, next week he might not even be able to walk, how will we ever live without him?” Talk about a buzz kill! Same thing happens with the people I love…If you could crack open my head and see the 3,526 ways I’ve thought about how they could die, get sick, leave me or fall to pieces, you would do a slow and cautious turn away from me then run like hell!

That is until I went splat in the tub. I give up. I can’t guess what might happen and I’m tired of trying to figure it out. It’s like trying to hold a whale up over my head. It’s exhausting, it sucks all the sweetness out of life, and the whale hates it.

3. Lastly, all the “bad” stuff that’s happened in my life: things like my mother passing away, having an apartment fire, pets and other loved ones dying….Not only did I handle them but there was a beauty in each of them. Every “bad” thing that has happened in my life also came with its own set of deeply profound gifts.


Truth time. You can let your whale down with me, do you doom?