911 Nagging:

The emergency quick fix when you need it. You’re struggling to write a paper, prep for class, work on the book. Get IMMEDIATE HELP and stop the spin. You CAN end this day happy!

Text “911 Nagging” to 734-395-3251 (Monday – Friday 8AM – 7PM ET) for more information.  Or email rachel at pronagger.com, subject line “911 Nagging.”

Revenue Jump Start:

Get a project off the ground in one intensive session. For people who have a specific goal in mind and want to begin seeing immediate results. Not for the faint of heart. You will work your ass off but the pay off will be swee -eet!

Text “Jump!” to 734-395-3251 (Monday – Friday 8AM – 7PM ET). Or email rachel at pronagger.com subject line “Jump!”

And there’s so much more…

Savvy Academic:

For the academic who want to use their time wisely, advance their careers and still have time to pet the cat and see friends on the weekend.

A+ Test Prep:

Studying made easy.

A+ Test Cramming 911:

Running out of time to study for the exam? Get immediatehelp to stuff that info into your skull, and fast.

Power TO-DOne:

Create better results in your business, career and life with this simple, immediate accessible program: This is up and running. Let me know if you want it.

Academic Adviser Made Easy:

Master the nagging skills you need to invest half the time with twice the results for the students you advise.