Are you ready to impress yourself?

Would you like to capitalize on your productivity style?

Are you ready to celebrate the completion of a big project?

Do you want to know what it feels like to be really proud of yourself?

Would you like to have enough hours in the day?

Would you like to have a little down time each week?

Then you’re ready to get Nagged!

Daily Nag by Phone: For one month we work together. You tackle projects, face challenges,  get your big project out of the snowbank on down the road. You learn the tools, tricks and techniques you need to rock your life! After a month we’ll decide if you’re fully launched into action or if you might want a second month of nagging. 1:1 nagging services are limited to 2 months. My mission is to give you flying lessons and send you soaring! Make yourself proud today. Get Nagged!


One Month of Private Nagging is: $397 USD.  With this service you receive a daily (M-F) 5 min. check-in call at your designated call time. A lot happens during our highly focused phone calls. We will review your day and tweak it to insure your success. You also have the option of doing a text bookend directly with me. Watch the video for more details about bookending.

I also have Private Nagging by email, This is useful if we are in very different time zones or I don’t have any call times open. I have 1 opening for this service at the moment (updated September, 2012). The price for this service is $297


Below are the current, available Nag call times. Click on the time that works best for you. The link will take you to a contact page. Please express your interest in services and you will get a return email from Nag HQ.

9:00 AM ET



(nag times updated every month. Last updated on September 11, 2012)

If you’re itching to get Nagged but non of the time(s) work for you let me know what times will work.

Nagging hours:

Every 15 minutes from

8:30 AM ET – 12 Noon ET


I will let you know when one of your choices open up

Tommy Walker is the author of and host of Inside The Mind a fresh and entertaining look at the world of online marketing strategy.