…Power-Up for 2011 and Keep it Charged all Year with The New Year’s Nag!

Do you have big goals for 2011?

Do you have a new year’s resolution you really, really, really want to be able to keep this year?

This is your year, my friend, and the Nag is here to make sure you rock.

Here’s the special New Year’s Nag offer.

I’m going to personally assist you as you design, refine and outline your goal for 2011.Then I’m going to insure that you have the support and accountability necessary to keep going when the hard work feels like too much.

The ProNagger’s expertise is to work with you until your goal is so well designed, refined and timelined it’s a target you can’t help but hit. You will have an action plan that will look at and say “I can do this!!” Your action plan is going to be one that works for you and your needs, energy and time commitments.

How it works:

In a series of emails I will personally work with you to hone your goal and make it clear and achievable.

Then we’ll address your whole year and plot out your plan for success.

Once these pieces are in place you will be invited to join the online HabitBuilders group. A private group on Facebook where other people just like you are hard at work making their dreams come true. HabitBuilders is only for those with a clear plan in place for their success, and you will qualify as soon as you finish the first part of The New Year’s Nag.

This is a group for support. I keep chatter at a minimum and encouragement completely maxed out. I offer short posts and helpful links often here.This special offer includes your first month (January) in HabitBuilder’s group.

Lastly, you have a remarkable opportunity to have phone access to me M-F for the purpose of accountability and check-ins. This is an amazing chance to work with me the way I do with my one-on-one clients.

There will be 3 call-in times available M-F. This will be a group check-in on a conference call line.The calls will last no more than 10 minutes each. The idea is acknowledge your successes and commit to your next actions. You can call once a day, once a week, M-W-F. It’s completely up to you how often you call in. The special offer includes one whole month of check-in calls.

Call-in Times:

6:00 AM ET

10:45 AM ET

12:00 Noon ET

The price for this service is $97 ($67 a month thereafter if you choose to continue)

It’s your life and your year, and here’s a chance to make it a truly great year. At the end of 2011 what do you want to be able to say you achieved? I will do everything I can to make sure you say it!

FULL: Please do not register for this service at this time. Subscribe to my newsletter and/or email me and I’ll let you know when a space has open.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.