Jerry asked,
I know there is no perfect answer, but I still have been looking for years for a perfect to-do tool that would grab my big and small projects and let me sort them by priority and area. A perfect tool would also include a quick way to capture information so it would all be in one spot. Comment, please.

The perfect tool is the one you use. I’m not sure there’s one that will meet every single criterion you have, but you never know. I have a few suggestions for tools that might be close or even be “the one.” I’m going to tell you about the simplest first. I would like you try it for a week and then report back. I’m also suggesting this one first because it’s free. I want you to take for a test drive.

I use it for everything, from blog post ideas to shopping lists, reading list, my “menu” (small tasks I can do in bits of time like in waiting rooms, bus stops and in front of the TV). I have check-lists, swipe files, project lists, and an idea file. I keep wunderlist open on my computer so I can capture ideas, notes, and incoming responsibilities quickly and in a retrievable order. It syncs with my iPhone so the lists travel easily, and it’s searchable.

You can move a list item from one list to another. You can schedule when to take action on an item or create tickler files. Each listed item can be opened and notes can be placed within that list item. There’s no spell check though, and I wish there was. I also wish it synced-up with my calendar…I don’t think it does. It says I can share it with a cloud app, and to be honest, I’m not sure what that means. Do you?

Let me know what you think of Wonderlist.