Brick wallA couple of reasons why working at the last minute is effective for you is because your back is up against the wall and…

1. …There’s no time left to be perfect.
2. …You’re able to cut through the crud and see what’s essential.

How can you use your tendency to work best at the last minute WITHOUT waiting until the last minute?

1. Bring your project right up in your face. Imagine you have to build your whole project in one day. You have 24 hours to finish the project or else you wont get tenure, you lose the book contract or you’ll forever be ABD.

If you only had 24 hours to finish, would you keep researching? I thought not.

2. To identify what you would do if you only had 24 hours, ask yourself: What would I have to drop? Where should I place my energy? What should I do first? If you really take the time to imagine what you would do if you had an unreasonable deadline, you would be surprised and delighted on how clear the path to action would become.