CARROT is an easy-to-use productivity app that isn’t exactly user-friendly. Let me explain: CARROT is basically a to-do list that talks back – a lot. Accomplish the items on your task and CARROT will reward you with positive (if slightly sardonic) comments. If your productivity continues, you’ll rack up points and CARROT will reward you by unlocking new features in the app, like short games or the ability to better organize and edit your list. Don’t accomplish your tasks in a timely fashion, and CARROT is liable to get fussy. Her mood will swing (the screen turns black if she’s “annoyed”), and she’ll heap on the guilt in the form of pop-up windows with generally degrading comments. If yelling gym coaches helped you run faster in grade school, or you always crushed on the couldn’t-care-less sarcastic types, then this app will get you in high productivity mode.
But even for those of us not inclined towards enduring verbal abuse, CARROT has a certain appeal. For me, she taps into my competitive side. Plus, it’s great to have a very interactive to-do list; I keep finding myself curious about what her next response will be and if I can persuade her to be a little nicer about it. CARROT creator Brian Mueller told that he wanted to “build an app that would give you reason to keep coming back.” I’d say he has succeeded in that and can check it off his to-do list.

There is no learning curve or instructions to read to get started with CARROT. The basic program is very intuitive and any of its more complex features are introduced one at a time –as you cross items off your list. The biggest downside with CARROT is that it has add-ons throughout the app that it will ask you to pay for – I’ll be avoiding those. Overall, I’m finding CARROT to be a spunky, little task-master that can get in my head and spur me on to getting more done.

What are your biggest motivators? Pressure? Praise? Competition? Or something else?