Accountability!….Did I say 4 letters?

With the Nag’s special accountability formula you will be saying a 4 letter word…A lot! One specific 4 letter word, in fact. This word, if said correctly and often enough, has the power to creates strong motivational mojo. Want to know more? I knew you were a smart cookie! Here it is.

In an earlier post I had said, “One of the very best and easiest techniques I know to insure you move yourself forward on a goal is to become accountable.” This is true. I then went on to explain a technique I call

Bookending in a nutshell:
Commit to another human being (or more than one) the very next action you will take on a project. Immediately after making that commitment, go take that action. Once the committed action is complete, report back to your human(s) to acknowledge your success. Rinse and repeat. A lot.

Bookending, longhand and how to say the magic motivational mojo word.
Here’s what a bookend might look like in The Accountability Tribe for Bloggers:
Open bookend: open wordpress to a new post
Close Bookend: done
Open bookend: title post
Close bookend: done
Open bookend: speed write post draft for 15 min
Close bookend: done…

It might seem overly simple but there’s a lot going on that’s working in your favor here.

When you commit to a next action that’s really small you remove resistance. Resistance is a HUGE barrier that’s designed to get in the way of you and the results you truly want to create. Open your bookend with a task small enough that resistance sees what you’re doing as no threat and your actions will go unnoticed.

Committing to your actions requires that you clearly express the next step you will take. When you understand what you’re going to do it’s a whole heck of a lot easier to do it.

Here’s the 4 letter word part. Committing and then doing small actionable tasks allows you to say “done.” A lot. Too many projects, like “fix my site” doesn’t really have a “done” point. Never feeling done is deflating. Or in other words; Never feeling a sense of doneness is a real motivational buzz killer.

When you say done once, you are propelled to want to say it again. It tickles that feel-good part in your brains. When something feels good, you want to do it again. Done…feels good.

Bookends are something you get support doing. You get “woots” and “you go, girls” and encouragement to keep going. That feels good, too. You work alone, so it’s nice to have a supportive community while you’re working so hard.

Let me hear a….


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What do you want to get “done” next?