My husband offered me some of the most “sage like” advice I think I’ve ever gotten. He said, “Rachel, most of our unhappiness comes from when we compare ourselves to others.”

Chew on that for a bit. It’s true isn’t it?


We cut ourselves off, sell ourselves short, edit our desires, neglect our ambitions. We resent, we seethe, envy and avoid. Man we do all kinds of whacked out stuff when we are in that comparison game.

There’s a good post on the Unclutterer Site about this topic titled:

You don’t have to be the best

I’m all about not being the best. I want peace of mind more than I want perfection. I want to show up in my life and do the best “I” can. I want to help people help themselves be their best.

I’m pretty sure, If we were all “at the top” of our “own game” there would be plenty of room for us all to move around.

The question that needs tackeling next is WHY do we compair ourselves and what can we DO about it?