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Why I want to win the Kindle:

I was so excited. I broke the spine of the new book as soon as I left the university bookstore. I walked the short distance to a table and started ripping out the pages and carefully stacking them in order. I was thrilled for the opportunity to “read” this book and be able to keep up with my classmates. The next step would take a bit longer. In the Special Needs Office I began scanning the pages, one at a time. Each page was sent to a computer that turned the text-to-speech (think Stephen Hawkins voice). The audio  version was then put onto little floppy discs that I could go put into a computer and listen to. This process was a thrilling technological advancement. Earlier means of getting text into an accessible format was much more cumbersome. Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic still requires that I send them TWO copies of a new book and  wait a painfully long time until I get a recording of the book. Granted, RFB&D will send you books read by real people.

I’m hungry enough for the information in print material I will listen to just about anything. I used to listen to local newspaper circulars being read by chartable volunteers on a special radio receiver. Really, I did.

A lot has changed since I broke the spines on new books and tore the pages out. My computer talks emails, reads PDF files, and ebooks out loud to me. I download audio books from the library right to my large type blackberry. I give my blackberry voice commands. All this is a thrill, but nothing can compare to my excitement in the possibility of being able to have a WHOLE BOOKSTORE nearly completely accessible to me, in real time.

The newest Kindle’s by Amazon have text-to-speech software loaded onto the device. As long as the publisher of a title opts-in to allow text-to-speech  I can buy the book, and listen to it, in minutes!

I can win one of these new Kindles, and you can help me do it. It’s simple to do and there’s no spam or trouble when subscribe to help me. You have my word on this. Chances are by helping me, you will also be doing something interesting for yourself. The author, Patty Newbold is running this contest. She’s an MIT educated, kind, smart and no-nonsense woman who talks about how to “enjoy being married.” You can read her remarkable story here and you’ll understand why she knows and cares so much about this topic. I have learned and applied her ideas in my marriage with desirable results.

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Follow these steps to help me win this bad boy!

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4. You will get a verification email. You will need to open the email and verify to complete the process. That’s it!

Now… what book do you think I should “read” first once I win the Kindle!

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Here’s to the joy of reading…For everyone!