My client S said that her favorite quote of mine is, “worry is not preparation.”

I don’t know if I can claim this as an original or not, all I know is it is helpful to remember if you sense you’re entering into the worry cycle.

If you can  stop for a second and remind yourself that “worry is not

preparation” you might get that worrying is not an action, it’s a feeling. It’s a feeling that can FEEL like your doing something when you’re in it.

If you are like some people, you can almost be superstitious around the worry. Thinking “if I don’t worry about something then it might end up happening.” A diligent worrier, oy. The thoughts are not DOING anything to make or change a given situation.  It is only serving to zap your creative brain strength that could have been  used to figure out how to deal with or eliminate the thing that’s causing the concern. You’re likely worrying

because you don’t think you are capable of handling the real or imagined situation. Or you’re worried that the outcome is going to be something that’s just unbearable. Am I right?